80% TM-22 Jig


The operations this jig covers are as follows: Drill Barrel Hole Drill and Tap Barrel Clamp holes Drill Bolt Stop Drill Trigger Assembly holes Drill and Tap Stock retention hole While the tasks are easier to complete with the 80% TM-22 it is extremely critical that the jig and your drill press is level. Do not remove the jig in between operations on the side you're currently working from. This is especially important for the barrel & barrel clamp holes. They must be precisely placed. Also, do not drill all the way through the receiver on the bolt stop & trigger assembly, these are required to be flipped as the drill will walk. (TOOLING NOT CURRENTLY NOT INCLUDED W/JIG) Tooling and Information: 3/16" Jobber Drill 1/4" Jobber Drill 3/8" Jobber Drill #16 Jobber Drill 3/8" x 3/16" Counterbore Pilot 11/16 x 3/16"Drill 5/16 X 8" A/C Extended Drill 12-24 Tap We recommend our guide rod tool for the charging handle retainer

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