1911 80% Frame

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  • Machined from 4140 investment castings and then heat treated for superior performance.
  • The 1911 80% Frame is a government style frame similar to the original 1911 design.
  • The features left to complete are barrel seat, hammer hole, sear hole and slide rails.
  • Our no bull return policy backs you in case you aren't happy or just change your mind.

1911 80% Frame

The 1911 frame is one of the most iconic firearms platforms in the past 100 years. This was the second of our 1911 products that we offered. Each 1911 80% frame is heat treated and machined to exacting tolerances to ensure a long life of service.

Tactical Machining has been manufacturing firearms parts and accessories since 2008. Tactical Machining was the original manufacturer of 80% lowers for the AR platform. No FFLs are required to ship this item as it is not considered a firearm.

What is an 80% Lower?

If you're looking for more information on what an 80% lower is we built a good guide explaining the 80% lower builds. We also encourage you to ask questions through the "ask question" button on our website. One of our experts will get back with you regarding an answer.

What about the rest of your build?

We offer support through the entire build. We have some recommendations on what parts are compatible with the 1911 platform. If you'd like more information on completing a 1911 80% read our article on it.


  • blemished: No
  • color: Black
  • manufacturer: Tactical Machining
  • platform: 1911
  • Weight:: 1.50 LBS