TM-10 Platform

TM-10.2 Compatibility

The TM-10.2 Platform is a hybrid between the Armalite and the LR308 platform by DPMS. We’ll walk you through recommended parts for an entire build and tell you what is important for compatibility. Since there is no mil-spec for large frame AR platform rifles compatibility can get confusing.

This is a work in progress, ask questions, get answers. Also, we'll make it prettier

TM-10.2 Parts Overview

Lower Receiver

The lower half of the gun contains most of the features you interface with and is a critical factor in determining the rest of the parts compatibility. This is the FFL required half, but only the stripped lower is the part you’d get the background check on.

Stripped Lower Receiver

We consider the lower receiver the heart of the build. This is the backbone of the firearm and what everything else is built around.

Lower Parts Kit

There isn’t a kit that is perfect for every AR-10 platform rifle. But, luckily many of the parts are interchangeable. With any of the parts kits, you’ll have to use our takedown and pivot pin, or make your own if you are really up for a task.

  1. TM-10.2 Lower Parts Kit

    Our lower parts kit is built to go with our TM-10 lower. It’s tuned just for our product and includes no unnecessary parts.

  2. Aero Precision M5 308 Lower Parts Kit

    Aero is the second lower parts kit we’d recommend. You’ll have to discard the takedown pin and pivot pin as our lower receiver requires a proprietary pin system.

Pistol Grip

There aren’t any special accommodations required for the pistol grip but we will give you a few of our favorite recommendations while you’re here.

  1. Magpul MOE Grip

    Ole faithful. Won’t break the bank and sticks to your hand. Magpul is known for making the best polymer accessories in the business and it holds true.

  2. Magpul MOE K2

    For those of you who like a more upright position the K2+ fits the bill.

  3. BCM Gunfighter Grip

    The BCM Gunfighter is another great product by another great company. The Mod 0 is like an A2 on steroids and may fit the bill.

Buffer Tube, Spring & Buffer

Our TM-10.2 uses the same buffer tube as the DPMS LR308 and similar platforms. Some solid recommendations are found below. With any of the collapsible stocks you can use any end plate or castle nut you'd like. Buffers will vary based off of barrel and gas port size, that may be some trial and error but we’d recommend starting with the basic 308 buffers and springs.

  1. 2A Armament Buffer Tube

    Shoutout to 2A Armament for making one of the coolest buffer tubes we’’ve ever seen. This is one of the higher end buffer tubes you an get based off of features and it looks great also.

  2. Aero M5 Rifle Buffer Kit

    The aero rifle kit covers it all, has a spring buffer, buffer tube, end plate, etc.


Arguably the most important and most criticized portion of the build, the trigger. A Standard mil-spec AR-15 trigger will work here but why would you want a basic trigger in this highly tuned machine?

  1. ALG Defense ACT

    Well, it’s like the mil-spec trigger, but better. Can’t really say much more than that.

  2. Geissele Super Dynamic

    The trigger company that needs no introduction. These are fantastically reliable triggers that get the job done.

  3. AR Gold Trigger

    AR Gold makes one of the best triggers I’ve ever seen and to be honest we just didn’t want to recommend the Geissele triggers because it shows our bias. If I wasn’t putting a G trigger in there it’d be the AR gold.

Upper Receiver

The upper is the pretty stepsister to the lower. While the lower is down there being Cinderella making all the magic happen the upper gets all the attention, deservedly so.

Stripped Upper Receiver

While you don’t have to use our upper receiver, for maximum compatibility we do recommend it. The uppers we sell have a forward assist and are forged like mil-spec AR-15 upper receivers. They use a DPMS High Profile rail, with DPMS threads on the barrel extension.


  1. Ballistic Advantage 308 Barrels

    If you want a good value for the money it’s tough to go wrong with ballistic advantage.

  2. DPMS 308 SASS Barrel

    Some people don’t have much love for some of the rifles DPMS puts out (Oracle?) but one thing in their builds that is truly outstanding is their barrels.

  3. PROOF Research Carbon Fiber 308 AR Barrel

    IF you’re like me and almost wonder if you hate money this is the best barrel on the market if you’re weight conscious. Or just like fancy things.


  1. SLR 308 Handguards

    SLR deserves a mention here, they make a great product and their Instagram is fantastic as well.

  2. Midwest Industries 308 Handguard

    Midwest industries has been making parts for the AR platform for a long time. Their .210 upper tang handguards fit quite well on our upper receivers.

  3. Troy Industries 308 Carbon Fiber handguard

    Troy industries has made great products for many years and will likely continue to do so. It is without hesitation we recommend one of their products.

Charging Handle

  1. VLTOR BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle

    The vltor / bcm gunfighter charging handle is a good mid range charging handle. Good grip, you can pick your latch size to fit your needs and it’s made from high quality materials.

  2. AERO 308 Charging Handle

    Aero is the standard in bang for the buck when it comes to many accessories. At $30 there isn’t much to say past it is well made.

  3. AR 308 Raptor Charging Handle

    We have to throw in an I hate money option. An ambi charging handle that definitely has some cool factor to it it’s hard to deny this is a must have for any high end build.

Gas Block and Gas Tube

Any standard gas block will work, we love the look of low profile gas blocks slipped under a handguard. Make sure your tube matches your gas system length and you’re good to go.

  1. BRA Low Pro Regulated Gas Block

    This gas block takes it to the next level. The nicest thing about this gas block and gas tube setup it allows the 308 to be less finicky with ammo choices. You have different gas settings for different ammo allowing you to tune the rifle to your needs.

Muzzle Devices

These will depend on your barrel, some are threaded for a 5/8-24 TPI muzzle brake, some are not.

  1. Surefire Muzzle Devices

    Whether you’re looking for a flash hider or a muzzle brake, surefire has them both. We find them to be extremely effective and been happy with their performance.

  2. SLR BCF 30 Cal

    SLR always produces beautiful products. The products we offer work just fine with any of the SLR products and they’re not far down the road from us, we love promoting local businesses.

  3. Silencerco Omega 300

    What would a muzzle device roundup be without including a can? Recoil reduction, flash reduction and sound reduction. Just throwing it out there. For our DIY customers rocking an 80% you can always do a form1 and build your own when it comes back.

Bolt Carrier

The bolt carrier does a bulk of the firing and a bulk of the operating. Don’ skimp out here, get one that is going to work.

  1. Toolcraft Bolt Carrier Group

    Toolcraft is one of the most well known manufacturers of bolt carriers in the industry. They produce high quality bolt carriers at affordable prices. Their 308 bcg works just fine with other recommended parts.

  2. BRA Enhanced 308 BCG

    A bit different than the rest this carrier has a nickle boron coating and a self-lubricating polymer buffer on the end resulting in some of the slickest feeling carriers on the market.

  3. Aero M5 BCG

    Aero hitting the list again. If you can see a trend. We have used quite a few of these carriers in builds and have had great success.

Legal disclaimer: Remember that in certain states, some of these items are not legal, consult local regulations to ensure that it is legal. Get out and vote and get these laws changed. The gun control act of 1968 clearly defines that is okay to build your own firearms speak up in your local community to ensure that your rights are restored in these communities that restrict firearms based off of cosmetic features.