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AR-15 Jig - 80% Receivers

Product Review (submitted on December 27, 2015):

I bought this jig a while back. It has now done 8 lowers. I did 2 using this jig on a vertical mill which wasn't terribly hard. I did a .308 from another manufacturer using the TM 308 sideplates (that I had to modify to fit) with these top plates using a drill press and router. 5 more were made by friends and relatives that I instructed and oversaw using the drill press and router method.

I found people that have experience using hand tools take between 2 to 2.5 hours machining using the drillpress and router method. All of them turned out very well. The drill/router method is a huge game-changer as you don't need to find someone with a mill that will let you use it, nor is the expense there. If you can run a drill press and a laminate router, you can do this.

The only problem I had was a couple of guys weren't holding the router tightly and when it jumped, they let go, and it buggered up the TM1002 profile plate. I will need to order a new one.