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Product Review (submitted on December 27, 2015):

I have machined a few of the Gen1s of these as well as helped friends and family do some of the Gen2s for a total of 8 machined. The Gen2's are nice because most of the rear shelf is done.

Every single one of them has accepted a PSA rifle kit. I'm amazed each one has been a solid tight fit between the PSA uppers and the TM lowers. I have a PSA lower that was very loose to a PSA upper so imagine my surprise when I put that upper on a TM 80% lower and it was very solid and tight. I've been impressed at the TM fit.

I visited the fine folks at TM in Florida and got the "factory tour" and I can say they are great folks to deal with both via the internet as well as in person. I have had a few errors with TM but they have bent over backwards to make things right.

I highly recommend the TM lowers and have had no problems with 8 of them that either I or others have machined at my place.